Tuesday, December 8, 2015


虽然贵为苏丹后,但她也是妈妈的身份,儿子离开真的让她痛不欲生,白发人送黑发人,肝肠寸断!一直以来我很喜欢柔佛苏丹一家人,男的帅女的美,特别养眼呢!我也时常关注他们的社交网站,特别让我着迷的是三王子,我是他的小粉丝。他特别的帅也特别的瘦,后来google了一些关于他的,才知道他得了肝癌。生病前的他是多么的帅,浓眉大眼像足洋人的血统,而他身上确实有英国人,马来人,华人的血统。我本身是念中医的学生,略懂一些病症的知识。我知道肝癌痊愈的机会渺茫甚至是零巴仙,他还能存活多久呢?我并非诅咒他,而是很心痛一个如此善良有爱心的人要与癌症抗战!前两个星期背痛入院,已经有谣言传他离世了,苏丹还出来辟谣公开他在医院互动的照片!5/12/15在面子书得知他往生,当下搜寻所有关于他的面子书和instagram, instagram的帐户不再公开了,以前的照片都不见了!后来面子书也关闭了!今天无意中看到苏丹后的面子书写着想念儿子,还给儿子写了一封信,看到我的眼泪直流!那种失去儿子的痛失无法形容的,连我也感觉到她的痛!他的一生虽然短暂但他活得精彩,时常帮助有需要的人,他自己是病人但也去关心其他病人,聆听病人的需要,爱护动物,善心满满的菩萨!安息吧,偶像!
A letter to my son, Jalil :
My darling Lil,
I know the only reason you wanted to be in hospital was because you were in great pain but that you really wanted to be home : you've been in too many hospitals too many times. But Allah, in His Infinite wisdom, placed you there so that we, your family, would spend as much time as we could with you.
I have a thousand and one memories of you during your last days in this world.
I remember, once, you closed your eyes and tears flowed onto your cheeks, as you fought the pain, and I held your left hand and I wept, trying hard not to make any sounds. I thought you could not see me cry because your eyes were closed but you knew, and you put your right hand over mine and you patted it, as if you were saying, "Don't cry, I am all right."
I remember all the text messages you sent me. When I wrote that I was praying for you, you wrote back that you had prayed too, but that you had asked Allah to let you bear the burden of my worries.
When I looked at your grave, my heart ached with pain. I watched your father and your brothers fill it up with earth while Boo and Inah stood near me. I looked at your brothers and counted three sons. Boo was beside me. There are five of you. Where was my fifth son? And then I realised it was you who was missing. I had forgotten you were beneath the mounds of earth.
And I held up my hands and whispered "From You we come, and to You we return. I return to You, O Allah, my son."
May you be with the righteous, my son.

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